Fulfilment Management

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If your business is a supply chain management business undoubtedly one of the key and most important players in your business is software and accurate online customer service, postage and warehousing because in a fulfilment business. time between order registartion and customer delivery is the one of important quality factor. if you sense need professional supply chain / fulfilment management we must say this product designed and developed by top e-commerce specialists.

With Nora fulfilment management product you can manage all the processes of a supply chain management business including: Storage , Picking , Packing , Postage , also you can monitor individual processes online.

This product is designed and developed to manage processes according to each of the two definitions of ( Storage , Lead ) management, and can be managed individually or in combination, depending on your needs.

Cost and Revenue management system is one of the most important parts of Supply Chain Management Software that Nora Fulfilment has been able to rely on with the knowledge of its financial professionals to maximize financial processes including: Cash On Delivery process management, on-site payment, prepaid orders. you can effectively integrate all of the financial processes of this software online into your financial / accounting software with a technical connection to the web service platform.


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