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If you have an international postal service company, international shipping network or international freight forwarding service, NORA International Courier Software is a professional, intelligent, secure, with high technology & up-to-date methodology system as well as cost-effective to manage your logistics network.

With Nora Global Software you will be able to manage your acceptance office, distribution office, shipping lines, shipping services, shipping rates, marketers, customers and contractors in one centralized platform and you can reduce your support & maintain costs

Nora International Courier has a very strong and professional accounting system for managing your accounts and contracts. It also has Level 1 (highest) security level for integrated software that assures you to manage your business safely and easily.

Nora Global Courier Software is also an interactive service that will allow you and your customers to interact and exchange information on the web services layer in a variety of information layers, in accordance with security standards. This package of web service languages (Restful, Json, Open api, http service, wdsl, xml) support simultaneously

Nora Global Courier Overview:

Nora Global is an intelligent and up-to-date logistics and posting web platform for managing the processes and flow of information, commodities, money and active members. Also, all courier companies operating in the fast post field can use this product with a few clicks.

Nora Global Technical Features:

The technology used in this product is cloud based and utilizes databases for Big Data Management, CDN technology for files, cloud web servers to provide faster, more secure and more efficient services.

Nora Global Software Security:

All communication protocols for the exchange of information in this product are based on SSL and this product has Software Security Certification (OWASP), (H Security) and has the highest possible security in the domain due to the utilization of information in the Nora Blockchain network. So it is best security method in cloud web application.

Nora Global Courier Highlights:

The most important feature of this product is the integration of all processes from the moment of issuing the order barcode to the total settlement of the beneficiaries of the network. You don't need any technical information or paying any cost to develope your software. This software designed with the knowledge and experience of top post and logistics experts, so more than 99% of required module are designed developed in Nora Global Courier software.

Nora Global Desert Training and Cost:

The costs of using this software based in transaction and you will not need to pay, maintain ,develop or support. All modules and services developed at Nora International Courier have a training video file and will be available online upon login.

coding engine
1 Create unique tracking code for each order This code can be implemented to create barcodes for services based on system default logic or proprietary logic.
1 Manage shipping services This module allows you to edit, delete and make instant changes to the services created.
2 Creating new shipping service With this module you can register your shipping services such as: Express, Vip & . . .

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